Chester Simon: Grenada Promotions Center Switzerland

Chester Simon

Managing director

Grenada Promotions Center Switzerland (GPCS) is a non-profit organization based in Niederhasli, Switzerland, established due to the commitment and passion of Chester Simon wanting to give back to needy people in his homeland. Chester was born in St. Andrews Grenada where he got his early start in music (former bandleader and composer) traveling the world with his orchestra “Super Love”.
Over the years Chester has been touched to provide assistance whenever there was national crisis or Grenadians in need leading to establishing GPCS in 2004. His life effort to organize, engage Grenadians and friends through GPCS is to simply turn dreams into positive realities while representing the good nature values and principles he received as a youth in Grenada. Giving back makes Chester happy and happier!


Grenada Promotions Center Switzerland

Coat of arms of Grenada

Grenada is a Caribbean island with beautiful beaches, a turquoise sea, plenty of untouched nature and secluded bays. Inside the island up to 900 meters high, extinct volcanic cones, which are covered by the rainforest and spice plantations raise. There is much to discover: crater lakes, numerous waterfalls, ancient forts and warm springs and not forgetting the capital Saint George, one of the most beautiful ports of the West Indies.
Grenada is a very green and versatile Caribbean island, of course, there are the typical Grenada Caribbean beaches such as the Morne Rouge, Levera Beach in the north or the lying on the Atlantic side La Sagesse and many other white as well as black sand beaches. This island has, however, so much more to offer. There are three volcanic crater lakes, which are quite unique in the Caribbean. One can in the rainforest explore hidden waterfalls, visit old plantations such as the Dougladston Estate or the River Antoine Rum Factory. There are old historic forts such as Fort George or Fort Frederick. But of course, botanical gardens, such as the Bay Garden in St. Paul. But the capital of St. George under no circumstances may you with its colorful market to visit one of the most beautiful port cities of the Caribbean, it forgot. And what would a Caribbean island without Carnival, also there in Grenada and it takes place every year on the first weekend in August.
More about the Grenada state: Grenadakaribik | Wikitravel | Wikipedia

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