GPCS measure success with services and ability to develop and implement solutions and strategies so the individuals, families and organization we engage receive the biggest satisfied gain with the resources we provide.
GPCS identify the needs or problems that exist from time to time, to include but not limited to hurricane disaster, burnt out homes, scholarships, educational, medical and farming supplies. Base on the resources and human talent required GPCS then pulls on the team to provide cost effective solution(s). The team operates fundraise campaign, public relations/promotions, sources equipments, supplies, storage, transportation, shipping, goods clearing, distribution and reporting.
GPCS strategies are built on the premise that every donation must achieve the greatest impact, surpassing every donor expectation while providing satisfaction to all beneficiaries in a cost-effective and timely manner. GPSC focuses on engaging, educating, empowering, delivering and impacting needy Grenadians throughout Grenada.

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